Hi, I'm Joshua


A Little About Joshua

Joshua is a democratic candidate running for Pennsylvania state representative in the 99th district. Born in Reading, PA a son to two struggling parents and four siblings Joshua always knew hard work and determination was key to succeeding. Being placed in many foster homes, moving in and out of several homeless shelters all while having witnessed loved ones fighting to win and lose battles of addiction taught him many hard lessons. Continuing to maintain an optimistic and hardworking outlook on life Joshua worked labor intensive jobs since his youth and still does to this day. In high school he volunteered as a fire fighter with Kenhorst Fire company, studied masonry at BCTC and went on to obtain a job for the state of Pennsylvania at Wernersville state hospital as a utility plant operator. As a state employee he quickly learned many other skills such as repairing machinery, MIG TIG and stick welding, water chemistry and other maintenance related skills. Today Joshua works as a project supervisor for a reputable family-owned business. His passion for politics stemmed from debates on job sites and family involvement in local politics. One major influence was Joshua's great uncle Thomas Caltagirone the former state rep in the 127th district. Joshua plans to have many positive impacts on his community as his uncle did during his 44 years in office.


Having an elected official, you feel you cannot relate to or talk to in most instances does not help because they cannot understand the challenges you face. I have and still do face the same day to day challenges of the average American. I believe it's about time we elect younger candidates in our area to bring new perspectives that better suit our evolving communities and society. 

The 99th district and the state of PA need representatives that listen and are willing to work for them all despite the differences in status. A representative that has experienced many of the same struggles they have or are currently facing. Whether it be substance abuse, economic hardships, fear of a declining education system, having affordable healthcare, or fighting for a prosperous community for themselves, and their family. To know that their hard work can provide for their family and sustain a happy lifestyle.